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Realisation of Interior Floors and Linings with Quarella Engineered Stone.

The following indications should be considered guidelines for ordinary use in interior environments and, in any case, do not modify the responsibilities of the final user. In the event of application under conditions other than normal conditions for civil construction, where there are great loads in weight, for example, or particular thermal-hygrometric conditions, situations where there is great exposure to the sun or large sizes, it is advisable to apply to Quarella's Technical Office for a specific study.

  • The rules of proper installation of Quarella materials do not differ substantially for the rules that apply to ceramics materials and are valid for all marble-based and quartz based products.
  • The tiles must be stored in a dry covered area, at a temperature of no less than 5° C.
  • Under ordinary conditions, rapid drying cement-based bonding agents with a low water content are advised (for example: Granirapid, Mapei), or the same bonding agents used for ceramics and natural stone. In the case of large sized slabs, special supports or conditions of stress, polyurethane bi-component glues must be used. The marble-based colours "Rosso Levanto" and "Verde Tirreno" contain natural substances that are particularly sensitive to humidity, therefore bonding agents without water are required for their installation.
  • Installation must guarantee adhesion of the boding agent over the entire surface of the marble chip tiles.
  • The base upon which the tiles are installed must be clean, compact and dry (with a relative humidity of less than 2%) and must have a resistance to traction of no less than 1 N/mq.
  • The installation should provide for escape or leakage grooves of 2/3 mm between marble chip tiles, therefore the normal products for this purpose, used for ceramics, may also be used for the tiles.
  • Elastic (silicone or PVC) expansion joints must be provided along the walls, to realise a base section of about 4/5 m x 4/5 m.
  • Quarella products may be used for heated flooring. In this case the base must be absolutely dry and special care must be taken in realising the expansion joints.
  • The tiles may be easily cut and adapted during dry installation outdoors and with adequate protection.
  • After installation, all of the products, especially those based on marble, must be protected to avoid damage from scratches, while the worksite is open.
  • Stains from bonding or sealing agents must be removed quickly. Cleaning in the worksite must take place with neutral detergents. The use of acid detergents must absolutely be avoided with marble based materials.
  • Processed stones, stairs and windowsills are installed in the same way as natural stone.
  • Any attempts to restore installed surfaces must be performed during installation only on marble based products, using appropriate polishing machinery. On quartz based surfaces, re-polishing during installation is not advisable, because of the particular resistance of these materials.

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