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Quarella is a world leader in the production of quartz and marble agglomerates.

The company was established over 40 years ago in Verona, one of the most beautiful Italian cities, which is a patrimony of UNESCO. It's also the city of love between Romeo and Juliet and the celebrated Arena, which is a temple of opera music. Verona is so rich in history and full of emotions that it is one of the classical places of the Italian lifestyle, that set of qualities, taste and elegance that the whole world envies Italy for.

We produce our products precisely through the inspiration from the high aesthetic and technological qualities of Made in Italy products. We produce every year quartz and marble surfaces, with a capability for innovation appreciated all over the world.

Quarella surfaces always stand out for their perfect finishing and for a particularly refined palette: a vast array of colours inspired by Italian landscapes and the architecture of Rome, Venice and the Italian cities of art.

Colours and styles that we revisit, according to contemporary taste, to make them suitable for the requests of designers and architects that propose the most advanced solutions to the market, inspired by the Italian lifestyle. We are well aware and proud that we represent the aesthetic and technological state of the art for the entire sector. Our products are located in the Gare du Nord of Paris and in the Central Station of Jerusalem; in the airports of Hong Kong, Las Vegas and Osaka and in many of the largest hotel structures and in the most refined private homes, throughout the world.

We work every day to satisfy the changing demands of a market that increasingly seeks innovation. We propose superior quality products to everyone, with an inestimable value added: the charm and elegance of the Italian lifestyle, interpreted in a contemporary manner.