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In over 40 years of business, Quarella has perfected a productive cycle that enables the company to consistently achieve and repeat extremely high standards of quality. The dosage formulas of the components used are fundamental. There are then five phases of processing:

  1. Selection and mixing of the raw materials
  2. Vibro-compacting of the mixture under vacuum
  3. Aging
  4. Sawing of rough material if necessary
  5. Processing (smoothing/finishing of the surface, cutting into marble chips if necessary or special processing)

Our materials can be divided into two categories:

  • materials based on marble, which are realised in blocks (approximately 3 m3 / cad.)
  • the ones based on quartz are produced in slabs because of their extremely high level of tenacity.


If we wanted to attribute human characteristics to the agglomerate, we could say that:

  • the different nature of the raw materials utilised (marble and quartz) regulates the performance: muscles and agility;
  • granulometry, pigments and mixture influence the aesthetic qualities and beauty;
  • the composition (about 95% stone material) and low content of the binding agent guarantee the product solid health, greater than the health of the parents who generated it: natural marble and granite.

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